Cowboy Junkies: Music Is The Drug - The Podcast

6. Why This One

February 05, 2022 Cowboy Junkies Season 1 Episode 6
Cowboy Junkies: Music Is The Drug - The Podcast
6. Why This One
Show Notes

Following on from "I'm So Open" in the last episode, "Why This One" from 2004's "One Soul Now" picks up a lot of the threads from that song and finds us all three years further down the line and not a lot the wiser for it, but with plenty more questions to ask. As in life, so in art...

As well as discussing the song in proper detail, Michael Timmins and Alan Anton reflect on the limited edition CD-ROM (remember those?) that was released with the album. "Anatomy Of An Album" offered demos, early versions and outtakes of the songs on "One Soul Now". We even play you a few snippets that show how "Why This One" got from drawing board to CD...

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