Cowboy Junkies: Music Is The Drug - The Podcast

32. 1979

September 24, 2022 Cowboy Junkies Season 3 Episode 3
Cowboy Junkies: Music Is The Drug - The Podcast
32. 1979
Show Notes

1979 might not seem an obvious episode for a podcast from a band that didn't start until six years later, but it was a pivotal year for Alan Anton and Michael Timmins as they put together their first ever band, Hunger Project. 

Inspired by the bands that broke through that year - The Cure, Public Image Limited, The Fall, Joy Division and others - Alan Anton talks us through the records he and Mike were listening to that year, how they inspired the to get a band together and how that music still informs Cowboy Junkies today, some 43 years later...

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