Cowboy Junkies: Music Is The Drug - The Podcast

11. 200 More Miles

March 12, 2022 Cowboy Junkies Season 1 Episode 11
Cowboy Junkies: Music Is The Drug - The Podcast
11. 200 More Miles
Show Notes

Going back to "The Trinity Session" this week, and one of Michael Timmins' first solo songs for the band, a hymn to a life on the road and the band's hoped for destiny of being part of the chain that takes the music and passes it on down to the next generation.

With Mike and Alan Anton, we look at how the song was pieced together from impressions gathered when they were on the road, in the station wagon, looking for gigs to support "Whites Off Earth Now!!"

Covering the way those early road trips taught them how to be a band and ushered country music into their musical mix, this episode takes the song all the way through to "Trinity Revisited" and the way that Ryan Adams picked up the torch with his performance of the song.

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